Jane Staats and Harrison “Harry” Burke are the Democratic candidates for the Hillsborough Township Committee this year. They received the unanimous endorsement of the Hillsborough Democratic Organization (HDO) at their nomination meeting on March 8th. “The HDO is proud to stand behind Jane Staats and Harry Burke,” said John Beggiato, Chairman of the HDO. “We believe that Jane and Harry have already demonstrated a strong commitment to the community and will bring fresh, new ideas to Hillsborough.”

Both Jane and Harry are extremely passionate about community engagement. Regardless of their own circumstances, throughout their lives, they have demonstrated their capacities for listening and compassion. They have been strong advocates for a variety of issues and want to bring their advocacy skills to the betterment of our town. “By promoting transparency and open communication, residents’ concerns could finally be addressed,” said Jane Staats.
“Our residents have great ideas, and I am ready to actively pursue a more cohesive community dynamic and a vibrant economy in Hillsborough,” said Harry Burke. “Participation in politics and government, especially at the local level, is the oldest tradition in American history and should never be taken for granted.”

Jane M. Staats


Jane Staats has lived for over 30 years in Hillsborough Township, where she and her husband raised their son. She is a retired public school teacher and taught mathematics for 32 years, 18 of which were at Hillsborough High School. Although she retired in 2013, Jane continues to tutor high school students in mathematics. Jane’s passion for teaching grew from her desire to contribute to society, as well as her enjoyment of mathematics and literature. She received her bachelor's degree from La Salle University and her master’s degree at Rutgers University. Jane also volunteers at Mary Mother of God Parish, Hillsborough High School Theatre, and Somerset Valley Players. All her professional life, Jane has fought for policies and practices that she believed were best for the students, sometimes disagreeing with administrators and her colleagues. She continues to speak out at school board and township committee meetings.

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Harrison J. Burke


Harrison "Harry" Burke was born and raised in Hillsborough Township. He received his bachelor's degree in government and politics from St. John's University. He is currently enrolled at Rutgers University, where he is pursuing his master’s degree in Political Science: United Nations and Global Policy Studies. He was actively involved in varsity sports (basketball, baseball, and lacrosse) in school, and played lacrosse at St. John’s, a Division I team. He worked at various programs for children and adults with disabilities, including The Arc of Somerset County, Camp Heart of Hillsborough Recreation Department, and Meals on Wheels. In high school, he even traveled to Uganda in East Africa, where he assisted building a home for a family of seven, coached lacrosse to youth, and participated in other various projects throughout that country. Harry is extremely passionate about community engagement. His passion for government came early in high school when he began to gain knowledge of public policy and history. It was in college that he realized that public service was not simply a hobby, but his calling.

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